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Becoming a Freemason

Becoming a Freemason has its requirements, however it is open to all men of any religion who  believe in a 'Supreme Being'.

Any man who wants to become a Freemason must be at  least  21 years old, and require a proposer and seconder. The proposer and seconder will assist in applying for membership of the Lodge for the candidate.

An applicant must realise that they cannot expect any financial or preferential gain from becoming a mason. He must not have a criminal record, and most importantly of all he must have the support of his family. 

When the application has been successful a candidate will become a member of the Lodge and will then be offered the opportunity to become an officer of the Lodge and progress to be Master of the Lodge.

In England there are approximately 250,000 Freemasons and 8000 Lodges. A Freemason is entitled to visit any of these Lodges up and down the country. There are also international agreements that allow English Freemasons to visit some Lodges whilst abroad.

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