Our History

Eling Manor Lodge No 7337 in the Masonic province of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


To celebrate 300 years of Freemasonry our lodge was asked to write a short piece for the Province of Hampshire and Isle Of Wight, here's a link to that history.

Where did the name of our Lodge, Eling Manor come from?

It was first thought that Eling Manor referred to a large house nearto the Masonic hall which has now been renamed to Colbury House by a previous owner, but look into it a little more the probable reality is that  Eling Manor actually refers to the whole area or Manor of Eling, i.e  Totton, Netley Marsh, Marchwood, Testwood, Copythorne & Colbury. Map 
Eling Manor is mentioned in the Doomsday Book, and was owned by the Crown until 1193 and was then purchased  by the Hussey family. 

The Hussey family crest included a cross vert (green cross) which can bee seen in the Lodge's Emblem as on the pictured Founders Jewel .

For further reading regarding the history of the area please see the British History Online website

When did Eling Manor start?

The Eling Manor Lodge was consecrated on Friday 6th April 1954. Initially the lodge met at the Masonic hall in Lymington, Hampshire. But it soon moved to it's present and permanent home at Totton Masonic Hall, Lexby Road, Totton, Hampshire. The patronage of the Lodge is held by The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

From the early days the brethren of the lodge were proud of the quality of the ceremonies they performed. This pride has filtered down through the years and the quality of the work that the brethren do today is still held in high esteem. 

Who started the Lodge ?
The founders in of the lodge in 1954 were as follows;

 Worshipful Master  W. Bro Dr. D C Rennie, P. Dist Ghap. (India) S. C
 Senior Warden  W. Bro F E Trout
 Junior Warden  Bro J G Pallister
 Chaplain   W. Bro. E W Lampard PPAGDC
 Treasurer  Bro. R Kelley
 Secretary   W. Bro. S. Phillips
 Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. L. C. M. Cox
 Senior Deacon  Bro. L. Hume
 Junior Deacon      Bro. W. A. Wright
 Asst.Director of Ceremonies  W. Bro.  A. C. Waldron
 Organist  Bro. J H Gray
 Inner Guard  Bro. Charles Hopkins
 Steward Bro. R. J.Trout
 Steward  Bro. D. S. Parker
 Steward  Bro. L. Judd
 Steward  Bro. T P Peet
 IPM  W. Bro. F W Mundy PPSGD
  Bro. H. L.Thompson
  Bro. A. H. Thompson    
  Bro. H. E. Mintrim
  Bro. L. Welham

The Lodge Banner

Our lodge banner was made and presented by one of the founder members of the lodge W. Bro Charles Hopkins.

Typically a lodge banner can take six months to make. It has to go through many stages of approval before it can be displayed in the temple when the lodge is open. These include lodge committee approval, provincial approval and Grand Lodge Approval. The design is usually sketched on paper then painted in colour for the approval process. Then once this has been passed the real Banner is made with silks by hand from the artwork approved.

One of our founder members W. Bro Henry Gray designs and makes banners for lodges all over the South of England, he has has made many dozens of banners and other pieces for masonic lodges for many years.

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